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African Adventure 3D: Safari in the Okavango

개봉일: 10월 17, 2007. 상영시간: 40 분 분배자: nWave Pictures Distribution.
African Adventure 3D: Safari in the Okavango takes viewers on a unique photo safari in the Okavango Delta. Described as the "river that never finds the sea," the Okavango originates in the highlands of Angola and eventually spills into one of the most arid places on earth, the Kalahari Desert, in the northwestern part of Botswana. The Delta created by the flood waters of the Okavanga, is so large it can be spotted from deep space like a giant hand bringing relief to this desolate region. Little-known to the outside world until a few decades ago, this secluded 20,000 sq. kilometer maze of lagoons, channels and islands form one of the most beautiful and pristine wildlife reserves on earth. Join South African zoologist Liesl Eichenberger and world-renowned wildlife filmmaker Tim Liversedge on a thrilling adventure and come face to face with hippos, crocodiles, elephants, lions and many types of antelopes and bird species. 공식 홈페이지 방문

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