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Special Effects

개봉일 (USA): 칠월 4, 1996. 상영시간: 40 분 Directors: Ben Burtt.
Creating the perfect illusion takes imagination, creativity, and above all, an understanding of the science of perception. Special Effects takes you on a guided tour of the pyrotechnics and digital dazzle of special effects, and reveals the perceptual sleight-of-hand of cinematic spectacles. It follows the filmmakers of Industrial Light & Magic at work on Lucasfilm Ltd's Special Edition of Star Wars (distributed by Twentieth Century Fox) and TriStar Pictures' fantasy adventure Jumanji. Other highlights include special effects from these two movies that are re-created for the IMAX cameras, as well as an inside look at Twentieth Century Fox's sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day. Special Effects ... anything can happen.

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