Chang Jiang, The Great River Of China
40 min
In Theatres (USA): August 24, 1999
Chang Jaing, the longest river in Asia, flows eastward through central China all the way to the sea. The story of Chang Jiang follows a Canadian violinist as she begins a journey from the towering 6,000-meter Tanggula Mountains in western China. She encounters the Zang Nationality people living in the highlands 5,000 meters above sea level, and the Naxi, an ethnic minority group living in Lijiang. Yunnan Province. She sees the Leshan Buddha sculptured in the rocky walls of Minjiang, the largest Buddha in the world engraved in a natural cliff. Scenes of the lively morning market in Chongquing, a metropolis of thirty million people if you include the surrounding area, give an accurate picture of China today.

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