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Gold Fever
41 min
In Theatres (USA): June 19, 1999

Gold Fever takes the audience on a glittering trip around the world, focusing on the cultural, economic and historical significance of the "eternal element". From the historical Klondike gold rush to a contemporary prospector exploring for gold from a helicopter, Gold Fever takes the audience to such exotic locations as Thailand to show the 60-foot reclining gold Buddha; to India to see Amritsar's Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of the Sikhs and a festival attended by a million Hindu celebrants and 30 elephants adorned in elaborate gold headdresses; to Ghana's Gold Coast to view a Royal Durbafestival held in honourof the crew. There, the Ashantetribe's King permitted the crew to film the rarely seen sacred Golden Stool which is said to hold the souls of all the Ashantepeople. In Canada, an explosion displaces 100,000 tons of ore in the largest open pit gold mine in the country. Scenes include the Royal Canadian Mint featuring a fortune in gold bars.

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