Haunted Castle
40 min
In Theatres (USA): February 23, 2001

Join a young musician named Johnny as he takes possession of his mysterious new home recently bequeathed to him by his deceased mother. Once inside, however, Johnny will quickly learn that all is not as it appears eerie spooks and materializing spirits make their haunting presence known. Further exploration unearths an unexpected visage from beyond the grave Johnny's disembodied mother. She warns her son to take heed: an evil presence lurks deep within. But unbeknown to Johnny, his final arrangements have already been made, and he is unceremoniously led to the castle's ghoulish sanctuary of terror. Here he will come face to face with Mephisto and Mr. D, the custodians of evil, who will tempt him with the promise of fame and fortune in exchange for his eternal soul! Now, before night turns to mourning, Johnny will find himself dying to escape the chilling castle alive!

Also in IMAX