40 min
In Theatres (USA): September 30, 2012

Meerkats 3D takes audiences into the world of a family of meerkats as they cope with challenges of life in Africa’s Kalahari Desert. Activities, video clips, and other resources on these pages are designed to immerse us in the lives of these amazing creatures and their natural environment.

The strength of the tiny meerkat lies in the unique solidarity of the clan, which comes in handy for both hunting and protection. There are actually 30 distinct calls in meerkat “vocabulary,” and their survival hinges on a single rule: Stick together, and keep calling.

Cute, cuddly, and full of mischief, meerkats are also tough, tenacious, and not to be messed with if their pups are threatened. Their adorable looks belie a strength of purpose and innate intelligence that will amaze audiences of all ages.

Also in IMAX