Paint Misbehavin'
2 min
In Theatres (USA): December 25, 1997
In this hilarious SANDDE, IMAX(R) 3D animated short, a young sign painter, teetering precariously atop a giant ladder, attempts to put the finishing touches on a sign above a theatre's giant screen. One slip sends the artist, and his paint cans, flying in all directions. Paint Misbehavin' 3D is the result of the development of IMAX's SANDDE (Stereo Animation Drawing Device) system, a software technology eight years in the making which enables animators to produce stereoscopic animated films for release in IMAX 3D theatres. SANDDE "IMAX 3D Animation" allows artists to hand-draw cartoon characters in 3D, rather than relying on complex math-based rendering programs such as those used for films like Toy Story.

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