‘Game Of Thrones’ Grabs $1.5M At The B.O.: IMAX As TV’s Next Great Revolution
Feb 1, 2015

American Sniper continued to pick off box office records in its sixth weekend, as well as any new wide release in its path, we saw box office anomaly: Warner Bros.’IMAX presentation of HBO’s Game of Thrones made $1.5M from 205 playdates for a per-theater of $7,323.  While not necessarily an IMAX opening record of any kind, what the experiment proved was that die-hard Game of Thrones fans were quite willing to shell out serious bucks to see their favorite show in large format, even though the show is available about everywhere thanks to the HBO GO app.

"This is the first time that HBO has taken one of their series episodes and released it in IMAX,” said Warner Bros. distribution EVP Jeff Goldstein. “We see this as a future, and not just with HBO.”

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