‘Interstellar’ Box Office Gets Big Boost from Imax Sales
Nov 24, 2014

Interstellar,” Christopher Nolan’s outer space adventure, keeps rising thanks to help from Imax screens.

The wide screen format’s commitment to play the science fiction film until “The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies” hits theaters on Dec. 17 meant that it could not show “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1″ when it debuted last weekend. That required the company to miss out on the year’s biggest opening.

Keeping “Interstellar” on its large screens, which charge at least $3 more than the average movie ticket, has made it the preferred destination for moviegoers to experience wormholes, distant planets and Matthew McConaughey on the biggest possible canvas. The result: “Interstellar” has earned more than a quarter of its domestic gross from 360 Imax locations in the U.S. and roughly 11% of its international haul from the format. If that U.S. percentage holds, it will be the first film in Imax history to crack 25% in terms of market share.

All told, Imax has contributed $31.4 million of the film’s $120.9 million stateside total and $38.7 million of its $330.6 million international total, for a combined $70.1 million worldwide, according to estimates by MKM Partners analyst Eric Handler.

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