10 Throwback Arcade Games To Play Before Going To See Pixels In IMAX® 3D!
Jul 23, 2015
Our favorite 2D arcade characters such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Q*Bert, will make their three-dimensional debut this weekend when Pixels hits select IMAX® 3D theatres. Instead of coming back as heroes, these characters come charging in from outer space to play out a real life video game to destroy mankind.
Here’s our list of 10 arcade games featured in the movie for you to play before going to see Pixels in IMAX 3D! 
Game #1: Pac-Man
Who knew this iconic and lovable protagonist would turn out to be the bad guy?
(image right via: pctechauthority)
Game  #2: Tetris
When a tile-matching game goes horribly wrong...
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If they were actually friendly, this would be the right way to do it…
Game #3: Donkey Kong
The monkey king of the digital world is back!
(image right via: ComicBookResource)
Game #4: Ankanoid
The incredibly simple, yet highly addictive game, Ankanoid makes an appearance  taking down the Taj Mahal. 
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Game #5: Centipede
Playing this game after watching Pixels will probably give you a whole new level of anxiety. #AimForTheHead
(Via: MovieClips Trailers and  8-bitcentral)
Game  #6: The Smurfs
So cute, yet so devious.
(Via: MovieClips Trailers and GameSpot)
Game #7: Q*Bert
After watching the Pixel’s trailer, we think that Q*Bert might actually be our ally. 
(via: USA Today and Vizzed)
Game #8: Joust
Keep an eye out for the giant flying ostriches from Joust.
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Game #9: Space Invaders 
It just wouldn’t be an alien space invasion without these guys. 
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Game #10: Galaga
Last but not least, one of the most successful games from the arcade era makes a grand entrance. 
(image right via: Gameskinny)
See these interactive games play out in Pixels, July 23.