7 Astonishing Facts You Might Not Know About Philippe Petit From The Walk
Aug 19, 2015
This August marks the 41st anniversary since Philippe Petit accomplished his daring achievement of walking across a suspended wire connecting the Twin Towers.  In honor of his ambitious tight-rope walk on August 7th, 1974, we have 7 lesser known, but equally epic facts about the man that inspired the movie, The Walk.
1) His passion for magic, juggling and acrobatics began when he was only 6 years old.
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2) Along with walking a thin suspended wire, he’s done handstands on the edge of the North Tower.
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3) One of his first death-defying walks was between the Notre Dame Cathedral towers. 
(Via: The Beat That My Heart Skipped)
4) Philippe also dared to walk along a wire fitted between two posts in the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1973.
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5) As if he couldn’t get any cooler, after the documentary Man on Wire won an Academy Award for Best Documentary, he balanced the Oscar award on his chin.
(Via: Daily Mail)
And even has some real life advice on how to stay balanced.  
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6) Along with being a performer, artist, magician and public speaker, Philippe recently added author to the list following the publication of his book Why Knot?-  a book focused exclusively on tying knots.
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7) There’s no doubt Philippe has managed to accomplish the impossible – becoming an inspiration to many along the way.  
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