8 Films To Watch This Fourth of July Weekend
Jul 2, 2015
Happy Birthday, America! As the Fourth of July approaches, we’re looking back at some of our all-time American favorites to get the party started. Also, make sure you check out one of America's most reclaimed actors, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in The Terminator Genisys this weekend in IMAX® theatres!
Top Gun: This American classic gave pride to our country during the depressing days of the Cold War. Tom Cruise plays one of the most iconic roles as he fearlessly takes flight in the US Navy.
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Apollo 13: This oscar winning film is based on the events of the Apollo 13 lunar mission and was the first movie to be digitally re-mastered for IMAX.
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Rocky IV: This amazing film highlights our passion for freedom in the US and the fight against communism. 
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Superman: Superman is the heart of American pride as he saves our nation from evil, one villain after the next. His bravery and patriotism in the movies will forever be a character that embraces true glory.
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American Sniper: This movie honors and remembers the life of american sniper Chris Kyle.
The Patriot: No one will ever forget Benjamin Martin’s (Mel Gibson) pride as he ran across the battlefield waving an American flag.
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Jaws: America's favorite thriller will always be apart of the American culture. It's a Spielberg classic that completely changed our views of the terrifying great white sharks and our oceans.
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Last, but not least, Independence Day. But this movie has some alien invasions and other unusual occurances that probably don't follow along with your typical celebratory traditions.
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