Beauty and The Beast
FRIDAY FEATURE: ‘It Came Alive in a New Way’ Says Beauty and the Beast Director Bill Condon of Film’s IMAX Presentation
Mar 10, 2017

Happy Friday, IMAX fans! Welcome back to this week’s edition of Friday Feature! 


Earlier in the week, IMAX and Disney partnered to host a very special event — Beauty and the Beast: IMAX Screening and Live Stream Q & A — at which the film’s stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Josh Gad, along with director Bill Condon dished on all things Beauty and the Beast, including the film’s specially formatted IMAX presentation.


The Q & A discussion — which was held live at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX and live-streamed into nine IMAX theatres across the country, as well as on Facebook Live — preceded a special early screening of the film in its entirety.


This was one of the first opportunities for audiences to experience Beauty and the Beast in its specially formatted IMAX presentation, which features an expanded 1.9:1 aspect ratio for the entirety of the film. Meaning fans actually see 26% more image in IMAX than standard theatres!


During the panel discussion, Condon addressed the expanded aspect ratio, calling it “amazing.”


He added: “I think of this as being more Beauty and the Beast, you know, because we built these massive sets. Take, for example, the ballroom, where Emma and Dan do the waltz. That went up in such a huge way you can’t capture it in the traditional 2.4:0 format. So here actually, that’s a scene – and there are several others – where I think it’s more beautiful in [IMAX].”


Condon went on to describe the process of working with IMAX to convert the film to the expanded 1.9:1 aspect ratio saying, “I have to say that when I started getting into the IMAX print – and it had been over a year and a half since we shot [the film] – it was like being on the set again.


“It came alive in a new way!” Condon said.


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It really was an enchanting event, where guests were not only treated to an advanced screening of the film and exclusive insight into its making from the cast and director, but they also received a limited-edition, collectible Beauty and the Beast IMAX poster.

To watch the entire Q & A, visit


And make sure you visit your local IMAX theatre to see Beauty and the Beast its specially formatted IMAX presentation.