'Everest,' 'The Walk' studios gamble big with limited-release strategy on Imax
Sep 30, 2015

In the movie business, a "limited release" — opening a movie on only a few screens before expanding to more theaters — is usually done for a small, independent movie that needs time to build buzz to attract wider audiences.

But in the case of two new studio movies, the limited release is aimed at something bigger — namely Imax screens.

"The Walk," from Sony's TriStar label, is being released on more than 440 Imax and other select large-format theaters on Wednesday before going into general release on Oct. 9. Two weeks ago, Universal Pictures took a similar approach for "Everest": The studio opened it up on 545 Imax 3-D and premium large-format 3-D theaters in North America and then went wide a week later with 3,006 theaters.