An Aspiring Young Filmmaker in Hollywood
FRIDAY FEATURE: ‘California Dreaming’: An Aspiring Young Filmmaker in Hollywood
Nov 24, 2016

Editor’s Note: IMAX recently launched its In Focus Young Filmmakers program as part of Big Picture—the Company’s corporate social responsibility program, which harnesses the power of film to effect change. The In Focus program is designed to cultivate young filmmakers by providing unique experiences while educating, developing and inspiring youth to pursue careers in filmmaking. IMAX recently sponsored the Atlanta Sci-Fi Film Festival and awarded the very first IMAX Big Picture In Focus Award to aspiring filmmaker and fanboy, Tim Glover, who received a cash reward for his next project, as well as a trip to Hollywood. Here he details his experience.

Earlier this year, I wrote and directed a short film, N-Touch. In October, I won the IMAX In Focus Award for N-Touch. Along with a cash prize, I received an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles. These were the BEST four days of my life!

The first day I got there, I was taken care of and put in a really great hotel. That night I was treated to an early screening of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. To my surprise I really enjoyed the film. I thought it was great, not being very well-versed in the world of Harry Potter.

The next day I met with the IMAX team at Playa Vista. Everyone I met was amazing and great. Everyone was very encouraging, and the vibe there is just positive and even inspiring in some ways. I was treated to lunch by the team where we talked about films and comics. I felt right at home.

The third day was filled with two tours—one at the TLC Chinese Theatre and the other at WB Studios. Walking around Hollywood and seeing the stars names on the ground, the Hollywood sign, and handprints in front of the theatre felt so surreal. I was treated to a tour through the theatre. The IMAX screen there is huge and amazing!

Soon after, I went to WB Studios where I did what any person would do when they saw a hallway full of Batmobiles—I geeked out! Also saw posters of my favorite directors like Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese at work.

On the last day, I hung out with some friends that I had in the area. I was also able to see family that I would have not had the opportunity to see otherwise. I am incredibly thankful for IMAX and its generosity. More than anything, this trip has been an eye opener for me, and it’s given me a life goal of moving to LA within the next couple of years. Thank you IMAX.