Check Out The 60’s Inspired Fashion In The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Aug 6, 2015
Nuclear weapons and CIA agents aren’t the only thing that will have audiences glued to the screen - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. features a unique collection of looks from the 1960’s. Suits, dresses, glasses and ties put a stylish twist on this action-packed flick. 
The polished, refined, and extremely tasteful fashion featured in this movie sets the film up for some attention-grabbing scenes. Joanna Johnston, the film’s Oscar®-nominated costume designer, has managed to create the perfect tone and style for each character as you can already tell from previews of the sophisticated spies.
In anticipation of the film’s IMAX release, here’s a sneak peak of the fashion designs that have been drawing a lot of attention.
Elizabeth Debicki is in an elegant and modern print while Henry Cavill sports a business-grey suave suit. Joanna Johnson shared that most of her style ideas came from collections of Emilio Pucci
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Elizabeth Debecki shows a timeless theme with an Audrey Hepburn head scarf and fierece cat-eye glasses.
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In the 1960’s, bright colors and high-necked mini dresses were widespread. The geometric designs and white optical earrings worn by Alicia Vikander definitely make a bold statement.
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Henry Cavill, Alicia Vikander, and Armie Hammer stand out with a chic, clean look. Henry, in a sophisticated suit with patterns of dark and light blue, while Armie rocks an aviator inspired outfit with the high-neck sweater and brown jacket. And come on; look at those enormous vogue sunglasses and metallic heels.  
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Accessories, accessories, accessories. We can’t get enough.
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Make sure to see Joanna Johnson’s killer fashion styles when The Man From U.N.C.L.E. opens in IMAX theaters on August 14!
Feature image via: Telegraph