Check Out The Terminator Genisys IMAX ® Exclusive Featurette and Pin Giveaway
Jul 3, 2015
When the fate of the world and all humanity remains in the hands of two supposed strangers, the pressure is on. IMAX® had the opportunity to sit down with the Terminator Genisys cast members, Jai Courtney, Emilia Clarke, and Jason Clarke, where they gave us the inside scoop on what it was like taking on these iconic roles.
Actress Emilia Clarke, talks about playing the role of Sarah Connor. “It was a role I just jumped at the chance to play.” Clarke describes, “She was an iconic figure I grew up watching and admiring.” Along with the cast, director Alan Taylor also shared what it was like to take the reins from James Cameron. “This is a very different kind of movie, although built on the same mythology”.
This latest addition to the action-packed Terminator franchise comes fully loaded, and even brings back the original T-800. When Arnold Schwarzenegger says “I’ll be back”, he means it. Check out the entire featurette above.
On July 4th Regal Cinemas will be giving away exclusive Terminator Genisys pins when you catch the movie in IMAX 3D.  Pins are available while supplies last. Check with your local theatre for more details.