Deadline: IMAX Pacts With Discovery Channel In Distribution Deal
Feb 1, 2016

IMAX today announced a distribution and marketing partnership, that will provides Discovery Communications’ Discovery Channel with 18 months of exclusive paid global television rights for up to 10 IMAX documentary films to be released through the IMAX Original Film Fund following the titles’ theatrical release across IMAX’s institutional theater network. The deal is IMAX’s first TV distribution agreement for original content. Discovery will consult on development, production and marketing of the films.


The IMAX Original Film Fund was established in 2014 to deliver new educational documentaries for the company’s institutional partners, which include many of the world’s top museums, science centers and aquariums. The fund will finance an ongoing supply of educational documentaries “that push the envelope of traditional documentary filmmaking for a new generation of moviegoers,” per today’s announcement.


“As content is created and consumed across multiple platforms we continue to innovate and look for new ways to maximize the reach of our original films,” said IMAX CEO Richard L Gelfond. “We are delighted to partner with Discovery to help us achieve this goal…As today’s agreement shows, we will continue to invest in all parts of our business to drive long-term, sustainable growth and bring IMAX to more and more consumers worldwide.”


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