IMAX to tap into Indian film industry as boss promises audience will be 'mesmerised'
Sep 20, 2012

IMAXIf you have loved watching Batman and Spiderman on IMAX, get ready to see Bollywood's superstar Khans in action on the same gigantic screen by next year.

IMAX, the technology that makes movie-watching a larger-than-life experience, is set to tap into the Bollywood and South Indian film market.

The technology has been popular in the West but very few multiplexes offer the facility in India.

'The film-viewing experience can be elevated only when the audience has sufficient theatres and great content.

'We plan to leave the Indian audience mesmerised and change their film-viewing habits with IMAX,' says Greg Foster, chairman and president, Filmed Entertainment, IMAX Corporation.

Foster, who was in the city on Thursday, discussed the company's plan to open 14 theatres in various cities and also provide content to Bollywood films.

IMAX essentially is a technology that lets films be projected on a far greater resolution on a gigantic backdrop. Read the entire article on The Daily Mail's website.

Many feel that the technology will mark the next big visual revolution in cinema after 3D. In India, the company has tied up with multiplex giants PVR and Satyam as of now.