Dolby, IMAX Announce Expansions As Global Box Office Grows
Jul 24, 2015


Conventional wisdom says theater attendance is in a long, steady decline, while the movie industry suffers because fewer audiences are willing to pay for theatrical release tickets when they have increasingly numerous, high-quality viewing options at home. You’ll find these assumptions repeated in just about every major media outlet, by just about every professional entertainment writer. These claims are similar to the widely espoused but mistaken view that sequels and superheroes are the only movies being made in Hollywood anymore and how you can’t find modestly budgeted adult dramas in theaters anymore, or the equally bogus claims that 3D is a passing fad and that the downward spiral in its popularity was about to begin. Yet the simple fact is, despite whatever nuances and context exist, at face value none of these common assumptions are really true.

The issue of box office attendance, ticket sales, and whether studios and theaters have anything to fear became relevant this month with some significant announcements from Dolby and IMAX that reflect the reality of today’s theatrical marketplace. Before I get to that, however, let’s quickly note a few facts that might surprise you…