FRIDAY FEATURE: Exciting News! Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to Feature Expanded Aspect Ratio in IMAX
Feb 10, 2017

Hey, IMAX fans! 

For today’s Friday Feature, we’re spotlighting some exciting news that broke earlier this week — Disney’s highly anticipated live-action version of Beauty and the Beast will feature an expanded 1.9: 1 aspect ratio exclusively in IMAX.

This means that for the entirety of the film in IMAX, audiences will see 26% more image than in standard theatres.

 Director Bill Condon was so impressed by the IMAX presentation, he called it “an unbelievable thrill.

“It made me feel like I was back on those massive sets that we built,” Condon told Nerdist in an exclusive interview. “They were so big, and you just get to see more of them (in IMAX).”

Condon described the film’s production as old-school Hollywood movie-making saying, “We built this entire village with massive sets and huge stages that we connected. So, for example, you could go from the dining room of the castle and walk all the way through to the entry way, to the front stairs, and into this massive ballroom.

“It really was something,” Condon continued, before adding, “I think that does emerge clearly in the IMAX format.”

Beauty and the Beast opens in IMAX on March 17. Purchase your IMAX tickets here.