FRIDAY FEATURE: First-Ever IMAX® Theatre at Sea Boards Carnival Cruise Ship
Jun 3, 2016

Andrew Stewart | Manager, Corporate Communications 

Ahoy, IMAX fans!

Welcome back to Friday Feature. For this week’s post, I wanted to spotlight the recent announcement of the first-ever IMAX® Theatre at sea aboard the Carnival cruise ship Vista!

It’s an awesome new partnership for IMAX — one that offers IMAX fans a truly unique experience.

IMAX CEO Rich Gelfond commented on the one-of-a-kind theatre saying, “[We] came up with a way where people can not only get away on the ship, but they also can get away in The IMAX Experience®.”

Aboard the grand 3,954-passenger ship Vista is a three-deck high IMAX screen capable of providing an immersive cinema experience like no other. As part of the show, passengers will experience the latest in Hollywood entertainment, as well as family features and IMAX documentaries.

The 187-seat IMAX theatre is part of the Carnival Multiplex, which also includes the Thrill Theater — a multi-dimensional experience where seats move back and forth and side to side and viewers are sprayed with water and bubbles!

The cost for first-run movies in the IMAX Theatre is $12.95 for adults and $9.95 for children 12 and under and passengers aged 55 and over. The cost for IMAX documentaries and Thrill Theatre is $5.50 per person.

This ship really is something to experience! In addition to the Carnival Multiplex and IMAX Theatre, it houses the longest waterslide at sea, as well as a pedal-powered aerial thrill ride.

Carnival Vista officially joins the Carnival fleet in New York City on Nov. 4. From there, its home port will be in Miami destined for cruises in the Caribbean.

Looks like I’ll be Caribbean-bound; hope to see you there, too!