FRIDAY FEATURE: Heads Up! IMAX Entertainment Announces Brand-New IMAX Documentary ‘Asteroid Impact’
Aug 26, 2016

Andrew Stewart | Manager, Corporate Communications 

Welcome back to Friday Feature, IMAX fans!

For this week’s post, I chose to focus on an exciting new documentary project titled Asteroid Impact, from director W.D. Hogan and our very own Phil Groves (pictured above), who wrote and will produce the project for IMAX.

As many of you know, IMAX has a rich history with space documentaries—from Blue Planet (1990) and Space Station 3D (2002) to this year’s inspirational film, A Beautiful Planet.

Asteroid Impact, which marks the first completely funded brand-new documentary film from the IMAX Original Film Fund, fits perfectly within that space legacy.

Asteroid Impact has been a passion project of mine for many years, one that benefited from a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship fostered here at IMAX—a company I have called home for 13 years,” Groves said. “The film will be a truly unique, thrilling experience mapping the story of asteroids and their place in our universe.”

As part of the announcement, IMAX co-hosted with Chinese film and TV investment and production company, Huahuang Pictures, an international signing ceremony commemorating the two companies’ 50/50 joint financing deal of Asteroid Impact.

Asteroid Impact, which will be captured with IMAX® cameras, will reveal the origins of asteroids and the effects of previous Earth impacts, delve into the threat these celestial masses pose to our planet today, and examine how we monitor their trajectory in order to stay out of their deadly path.

Through a tour of the Solar System and a close look at the “city-buster” asteroid—Apophis—this new IMAX documentary will tell you everything about the massive space rocks that shape our Solar System through amazing and devastating collisions.

Asteroid Impact is slated for release in IMAX® theatres Spring 2018.

Stay tuned for more exciting space news from IMAX!