IMAX keeps getting bigger. Tron Legacy arrives.
Dec 17, 2010

Imax keeps getting bigger. I'm Fred Fishkin with technology BootCamp, a report on gadgets and gear. As Tron Legacy arrives as the latest movie available on Imax screens and 3D...the number of Imax theatres continues to grow. There are about 200 in the U.S. now....and Imax CEO Rich Gelfond is looking to more than double that number. Theatre chains are looking to Imax to give consumers ...who have big HD screens at home...and gradually 3D as well....a reason to go out to the movies...

"We build every aspect of the Imax experience to be kind of awe inspiring and mind blowing. The field of vision, meaning where you sit relative to the screen, gives you the feeling that you're inside the movie, rather than watching the movie."

Tron Legacy takes full advantage of that. Imax is also bringing a new experience to its Web site...with a feature called Plan an Imax Night Out. It helps you find an Imax theatre, a place to eat and connects to Facebook for inviting friends. You can find us at I'm Fred Fishkin.

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