IMAX's New Laser Projectors Make Me Wish I Lived In a Movie Theater
Mar 6, 2015

Surround sound and 4K TVs are great for watching movies at home, but there's still nothing like sitting in front of a gigantic screen in an IMAX theater. I recently got an exclusive first look at the company's next-generation digital laser projectors, and I walked away from the experience wanting to see every single movie remastered and projected using the new technology.

What the company has developed for the future will change the movie theater experience for decades: The gigantic images the company is known for are now bright and sharp enough to reveal every last detail that filmmakers and cinematographers worked hard to capture. Colors are so bright an intense that they now add even more realism to computer-generated images. And contrast is so distinct that when watching footage from the International Space Station you feel as if you're actually staring into the blackness of space.

It's like the first time you have an In-N-Out Burger, and then realize you can never step foot in a McDonald's ever again.

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