Jurassic World: Discover the Dinosaurs in IMAX® June 12
Apr 22, 2015
In 1993 we were first introduced to the exotic world of Jurassic Park. Enormous dinosaurs and a gorgeous tropical jungle were just the first things to grab our attention and pull us into the series. The film presented us with an island parents would want to relax on and kids were dying to explore.
More than two decades after the film’s initial release we’re still captivated by these extinct creatures and the idea of them coming back to life. Ok, so maybe we wouldn’t want them around all the time but having them close enough for a visit every now and then would be pretty awesome. As unrealistic as it may be the idea recaptured our curiosity, leaving us eager to learn more about these gigantic beasts and visit the epic Jurassic World Park.
The upcoming Jurassic World features a few classic dinosaurs (Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mosasaurs) along with some new guys. One of the new additions was created just for the theme park and genetically modified to actually be larger than a T. Rex. You can read more about the dinosaur species at and see the newly created dinosaur tearing through the park in the latest trailer above.