See a Different Side of Harry Styles in ‘Dunkirk’
See a Different Side of Harry Styles in ‘Dunkirk’
Aug 1, 2017

For most, the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the name “Harry Styles” is the teen heartthrob and pop icon. 

Although his stardom does primarily stem from boy band One Direction - and now his solo career - Harry Styles is proving to be much more than a pretty face and a killer voice.

You can see Styles in Dunkirk – now in IMAX® theatres everywhere - and boy, he can act. Despite his pre-existing stardom, it isn’t hard to separate the singer from his commitment to character in the film. Much like in his membership in One Direction, he costars alongside an extremely gifted group in Dunkirk

In the past, Styles has charmed us in his TV guest appearances with effortless comedic bits stitched together with song. In Dunkirk, he breaks out of his comfort zone with a leading role in the intense and dramatic WWII epic. You are going to have to experience Dunkirk to see for yourself, but for now, let’s highlight his best and funniest on-screen moments thus far.

Harry Styles may be long overdue for movie-length screen time. He has made quite the impression on Saturday Night Live audiences by participating in skits as a musical guest four times

This video isn’t the last time we see Harry donning a soldier’s uniform (cue Dunkirk) or the last time we hear a new catchy hook from him (cue “Sign of the Times”).

One Direction music videos are known to include performances beyond your average lip-syncing. His stint as Marcel the Marketing Guy in “Best Song Ever” is nothing short of hilarious and, of course, “cute as a button.”

While many musical artists join James Corden in his “Carpool Karaoke” adventures, Harry Styles couldn’t help but take the gig one step further. He never breaks character in this sketch from The Late Late Show where his knack for singing consistently ruins employment opportunities.

We could go on and on, with more examples of Harry’s fearlessness in front of a camera, like acting out the classic one-sided telephone call, or nailing a Mick Jagger impression, but what are you waiting for?  Head to your local IMAX theatre today to see his hit performance in Dunkirk.


- Samantha Ulin | Intern, Corporate Communications