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Groups & Field Trips

Groups & Field Trips

The Great Clips IMAX® Theatre at the Minnesota Zoo offers a wide range of educational movies for class field trips. Whether your class is studying animals, nature, art or science, we will both educate and entertain your class. Our deeply discounted pricing for school field trips makes the Great Clips IMAX Theatre an affordable class outing and our flexible reservation policy and procedures make it an easy one to plan. 

Our films offer teachers a powerful teaching tool that is easily integrated into classroom curriculum through the use of downloadable movie-specific Teacher Guides. IMAX provides educators with an interactive component to teaching and students with unique and exciting opportunities to explore new worlds and new ideas. We put field trip groups in the center of spirited adventure and hypnotic events in a way no other film presentation or static exhibition can. 

IMAX films are so inspiring that scientists and explorers have cited them for influencing their career choice. As NASA astronaut, Susan Helms, said of her decision to become an astronaut: "I first thought about it as an option for me in my 20s after seeing the IMAX movie, The Dream Is Alive." For pricing or to book your group or for more information call group sales at +1 952 997 9714 or cpurfeerst@imax.com  

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