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Trip and Booking Checklist

Trip and Booking Checklist

Use our checklist to make sure all of the elements of your field trip are in place. 

Advance reservations are required to receive the discounted group rates listed below.

Traditional IMAX Standard Film: Students K-12: $5.50 Teachers: $5.50 Chaperones: up to one chaperone per five students $5.50 Additional Chaperones: $8.50.
Special Engagement Film: Students K-12: $8 Teachers: $8 Chaperones: up to one chaperone per five students $8 Additional Chaperones: $13. Prices are subject to change.


• Review your goals for your visit. Use the educator resource guide to help interest the students in the topic. Film guides are available once the group is booked for a film. Some films may not have guides available.
• Orient chaperones by sharing your field trip goals.
• Contact the IMAX with a final count of the total number of students and adults you will have for the trip if any changes are made to your original count.
•Obtain check payable to the Indiana State Museum or payment can be made on a Visa, or MasterCard to be paid upon arrival. No other discounts or coupons, including the IMAX Educator Pass, are accepted with a group reservation.      


• Check on bus reservation and schedule.
• Assemble a packet to bring with you: copy of the reservation confirmation, bus driver maps, list of all students and chaperones, group and bus assignments, schedule of the day and any activity sheets your will use.
• Complete pre-visit classroom activities that integrate your curriculum with your field trip. Review schedule and plans for the trip with students. If you are pre-purchasing concessions, call the IMAX Theater with the count of how many concession packages you will need. Please be aware that full payment for concession packages are due upon arrival.
Review Theater Manners. Share behavior expectations and your own trip guidelines. Students must stay with their group/chaperones.

THEATER MANNERS: A few rules to assure a safe and fun trip for all.

• Respect others in your group and other theatre patrons.
• Use indoor voices
• No outside food, drink or candy is allowed in the auditorium.
• If your group is attending a 3D presentation, glasses must be returned after the show. Before Leaving School • Meet with chaperones to review schedule, your expectations, and theatre manners.
• Get an accurate count of students.


• Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled show time. If you are not seated immediately, please be patient, as there may be a previous show still running. Please call +1 317 232 1637 to report if you will be arriving late.
• The theatre entrance is located on the first floor of the Indiana State Museum and IMAX Theater building. 
• Upon arrival, the lead teacher should check in at the box office and pick up the groups tickets. If any additional tickets are needed, the group leader may purchase those at time of check in, as long as seating is still available.
• Chaperones should direct students to be quiet so the theater staff can make all necessary announcements, including where to line up, when each group will begin seating, and where each group needs to go once seating has begun.
• If concessions have been pre-purchased: an IMAX employee will help teachers or chaperones distribute the concession packages as students enter the auditorium. It will be the responsibility of the group leader to make sure that only those that have purchased concessions pick them up.
• If concessions have not been pre-purchased: concessions may not be purchased before a group has been seated in the auditorium. Once the group has been seated, they may exit the auditorium and return to the concession stand. Please have at least one teacher or chaperone accompany the students to the concession stand to help expedite ordering. Enjoy the show!
• At the end of the show please exit to the rear of the auditorium.