Image of Ed Skrein
Meet The New Transporter: Ed Skrein
Сен 8, 2015
Image of Ed Skrein
Ed Skrein takes on the role of Frank Martin a.k.a. “The Transporter” in the latest Camille Delamarre film, The Transporter Refueled
As the new leading man taking the wheel, he still follows (at least he attempts to follow) his strict three rules and firm moral code in this action-packed flick.
Becoming “The Transporter” was no easy task.  Ed Skrein spent weeks training; doing everything from distance running to learning Kali, a Filipino martial art form, to sculpt his body . 
Besides racing across the Mediterranean sea by water boat, he’ll also be maneuvering through the narrow streets of the French Rivera in Frank Martin’s iconic black getaway car. 
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(Via: DeccanChronicle) 
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