Apollo 11: Quarantine
Apollo 11: Quarantine | Experience It In IMAX®
Янв 27, 2021

Experience Apollo 11: Quarantine, in select IMAX theatres on January 29, 2021*. The new short film, by Todd Douglas Miller, will play ahead of the 2019 documentary feature, Apollo 11.

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Summer 1969. The astronauts of Apollo 11 successfully land and walk on the moon. The crew will now quarantine for 21 days following contact with lunar material. The clock starts when the hatch is closed on the lunar surface. 3 days later they return to Earth…

*Available in select IMAX theatres in current operation. All IMAX movie theatres are subject to compliance with local health and safety guidelines and regulation.

As many IMAX theatres around the world reopen, your health and safety remain our highest priority …READ MORE.