FRIDAY FEATURE: Game On! IMAX VR Unveils Cutting-Edge Family VR Experience ‘Raising a Rukus’
Май 19, 2017

Happy Friday, IMAX fans, and welcome back to this week’s edition of Friday Feature. 

For this week’s post we’re raising a ruckus (sorry, I had to!) for a brand-new, cutting-edge virtual reality experience called Raising a Rukus, debuting today at the flagship IMAX VR Centre in Los Angeles!

What is Rukus?

In partnership with content studio and production firm—Virtual Reality Company (VRC)—and IMAX, Rukus marks a ground-breaking achievement in VR original content as the first of its kind for families. An animated VR adventure series, Raising a Rukus follows a brother-sister duo—Jonas and Amy—as they go on magical adventures with their dog, Rukus.

IMAX Chief Business Development Officer Rob Lister called Rukus “exactly the type of original premium experience” that IMAX aims to provide guests.

“This family-oriented fare is becoming increasingly important as we are seeing visitors of all ages come through our successful flagship centre in Los Angeles,” Lister added.

How does it work?

Guests will be seated in a VR motion chair equipped to feature a premium VR head-mounted display. All this is meant to stimulate an amusement park ride-like experience.

“The release of Raising a Rukus with IMAX and its IMAX VR centres is a milestone for location-based entertainment and the entertainment industry,” said Guy Primus, CEO and co-founder of VRC.

In addition to the LA-based centre, Rukus will be available at brand-new IMAX VR centres in New York, London, and elsewhere worldwide all set to open in the coming months.

For pricing and show times, as well as to learn more about IMAX VR, make sure you visit www.IMAXVR.com.

See you at the Centre!

—     By Andrew Stewart, Manager, Corporate Communications