Bucket List: Jump into a life-sized Suicide Squad Cereal Bowl
Июл 21, 2016
#IMAXSkwad gone sour.  Sometimes it’s good to go bad. 

Fulfilling that bucket list... jump into a life-sized bowl filled with foam “cereal” pieces!  If that checked-box weren’t enough, see how many Skwad icons you can grab to win IMAX movie tickets or kick-a*$ Suicide Squad swag!  
July 21 – July 23: Universal CityWalk, Los Angeles, CA
July 28 – July 30: Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL
August 5 – August 7, The Chinese Theatre IMAX, Los Angeles, CA.  
Wait, why isn’t it coming to my city?!  I know, we wanted this to travel worldwide too, but there are only so many checkpoints before the milk gets sour.  Sometimes it’s good to be bad.  Come on, Lil’ Monsters, join us!
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IMAX Skwad