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Domo IMAX, Museo Interactivo Ciencia y Tecnologia

(Только 2D)
Fracc. Jardines del Parque, Av. San Miguel s/n Aguascalientes 20270 +52 800 561 1111
Domo IMAX, Museo Interactivo Ciencia y Tecnologia
Born to be Wild
Рейтинг: G Продолжительность: 40 мин.

Born to be Wild

Born to be Wild Sweeps GSCA Achievement Awards! Congrats to the winners: Best Film Produced for the Giant Screen and Best Film for Lifelong Learning - David Lickley, Director; Drew Fellman, Producer; Diane Roberts, Supervising Line Producer Best Cinematography - David Douglas Best Original Score - Mark Mothersbaugh Born to be... Узнать больше

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