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The IMAX® Theater in the Indiana State Museum is dedicated to providing a wide range of educational large-format films for class field trips. Whether your group is studying animals, nature, art or science, let us help educate and entertain your class. Our educational group pricing makes the IMAX Theater an affordable class outing.


Our films are designed to educate and enlighten as much as they are to entertain. We offer educators a powerful teaching tool that is easily integrated into existing curriculum. We provide students with unique and exciting opportunities to explore new worlds and new ideas. In fact, these films are so inspiring that scientists and explorers have cited them for influencing their career choice. As NASA astronaut, Susan Helms, said of her decision to become an astronaut: "I first thought about it as an option for me in my 20s after seeing the IMAX movie, The Dream Is Alive."


Take your students on a journey full of surprise and delight. Together they can explore the environment, natural history and many wonders that lie beneath the ocean and so much more. IMAX films put them in the center of spirited adventure and hypnotic events in a way no other film presentation can.

IMAX Group Rate Admission
Discounted tickets are available for groups of 20 or more. To receive group rates, please book your visit in advance and purchase all tickets with one payment.

Standard Engagement (Films 60 minutes or less)
ADULT (Ages 13–64) - $9
SENIOR (Ages 65 & Over) - $7
CHILD (Ages 3–12) - $6

Special Engagement (Films 60 minutes or more)
ADULT (Ages 13 & Over) - $14.50

SENIOR (Ages 65 & Over) - $13.50
CHILD (Ages 3–12) - $11.50

Special Engagement Matinee
ADULT (Ages 13 & Over) - $13

SENIOR (Ages 65 & Over) - $12
CHILD (Ages 3–12) - $10

To submit a group request click here to request online. Please allow 2 business days before receiving a confirmation notice.


Educators / IMAX K-12 School Group Rate Admission

Special rates apply to K-12 educational groups. For school groups coming to any of our 45-minute documentaries, tickets are $5.50 per student. Accompanying adults, including teachers, that fit into a 5-to-1 student-to-chaperone ratio will also receive the $5.50 rate. Adults over the 5-to-1 ratio will be charged $9 per ticket. This is for all adults, including teachers. Teachers do not receive free admission.

If you are planning a trip to the Indiana State Museum on the same day as your visit to the IMAX Theater, please contact the Indiana State Museum call center at (317) 232-1637. The call center staff will handle your booking for both the IMAX Theater and the Museum at the same time.

If you are only interested in a visit to the IMAX Theater, please click here to submit a group request online. Please allow 2 business days before receiving a confirmation notice.

The IMAX Theater is proud to offer educators with exclusive perks. Perks include advance information on upcoming films, personal invitations to educators-only film screenings and involvement in education program focus groups. To sign-up for more information please fill out the form found here.

Corporate Theatre Rental

Consider enhancing your meeting with a larger-than-life IMAX® Experience! Our specially designed theatre is ideal for corporate meetings, product launches, multi-media presentations, satellite downlinks and private film screenings.



  • A large library of documentary and Hollywood films
  • Exceptional sound systems in a superb acoustic environment
  • Clean, comfortable Amphitheatre seating for 357
  • Unique reception facilities


For private theatre rental rates please call (317) 234-1222 or email at for further details.

Community Groups

Your group will have a Larger-than-Life experience at the IMAX Theatre in the Indiana State Museum, offering both IMAX and IMAX 3D technology. Whether you encounter wild animals in Africa, swim to the bottom of the sea, or take a spin with astronauts from NASA, our large-format films are guaranteed to take you places you've never been before. An affordable and exciting option for community groups, camps, YMCA's, Scouts, youth groups or family reunions! Reservations are required in order to receive the group rate. To make a group booking, please contact us at (317) 232-1637.


Fundraising (Paragraph spacing issue)

Do you want to raise money for your Non-Profit organization, yet keep the process easy and the event unique? The IMAX Theatre in the Indiana State Museum offers a simple and innovative solution! Invite your supporters and their families to enjoy the unique IMAX film experience.


Here's How It Works: Your organization receives tickets to an exclusive private screening at a dramatically reduced rate. You then offer tickets for this special private screening to your supporters for the price of your choosing. You keep 100% of the difference for your organization.




  • Private screening of an IMAX film
  • Your choice of any film in our IMAX library
  • Hot buttery popcorn and a cool refreshing soda for each guest
  • Microphone and podium
  • On screen slide show / digital pictures on the IMAX six-story screen


Please contact us for more information at (317) 234-1222 or email at