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Big Picture

At IMAX, our rich history in filmmaking symbolizes an enduring commitment to raise awareness of important issues affecting mankind. Leveraging that dedication, we have created Big Picture. Big Picture is focused on just that: the big picture – increasing awareness of the world’s greatest environmental and societal challenges to incite change. Our hope is that by making this important commitment, we will change minds and hearts and make a greater impact in communities across the world.


There’s so much we’re aiming to accomplish with our new Big Picture initiative, so we have designed programs that both support and inspire a new generation of creative partners and also educate and inspire communities on important issues.


A series of initiatives aiming to shine a light on young filmmakers across the globe while educating, developing and inspiring them to pursue careers in filmmaking. In 2016 IMAX is launching a contest to challenge young filmmakers to raise awareness of important issues affecting mankind. Participants are encouraged to create PSAs, shorts or mini-documentaries that deliver a thought-provoking message to address issues like climate change, access to clean water and advancement of quality education – capturing the collective hurdles we face around the globe. More information and submission details are coming soon.


An ongoing series of educational screenings and charitable premieres that showcase some of IMAX’s sustainability-related films to a global audience. For more than 45 years, IMAX has created educational documentaries that address environmental and societal topics. By amplifying these issues, we hope to inspire essential sustainable behaviors across the globe.


Each of us plays a role in the increasingly interdependent story about global sustainability, which is why we are also partnering with organizations that will help amplify the message. Our partners include The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - leading organization focused on building a sustainable future – that will help amplify the message.